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HST225: Salem Witch Trials

Endicott College
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  • Class Start

    January 04, 2022

  • Class End

    January 21, 2022

  • Drop Day

    January 04, 2022

  • Term

    January 2022

  • Teacher


  • Course Syllabus

    See Syllabus

About this course

HST225: Salem Witch Trials is offered online by Endicott College. This course explores the history of and myths surrounding the Salem witch trials and, more generally, the politics of scapegoating. Readings, including trial transcripts, will focus on the origin, development, and legacy of the trials, and on Puritanism, witchcraft, legal practices, and the status of women in colonial-era New England. Visits to local historical sites will enhance understanding of the trials. The course will also examine more recent witch-hunts and instances of hysteria associated with McCarthyism, AIDS, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Required Text

John Demos, The Enemy Within: A Short History of Witch-Hunting (2008). Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum, Salem Possessed: The Social Origins of Witchcraft (1974).

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asked questions

  • When is my course scheduled?

    HST225: Salem Witch Trials is scheduled to start on Jan 04, 2022 and ends Jan 21, 2022

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    Classfinder with Frank leverages volume through partnerships to secure a greatly reduced rate while still maintaining the quality and transferability of the online courses.

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    The deadline to enroll for HST225: Salem Witch Trials is Dec 21, 2021 You must be enrolled before that date.