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EDUC 2233: Educational Psychology

Southeastern University
3 Credit Hours
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  • Class Start

    March 09, 2022

  • Class End

    May 03, 2022

  • Drop Day

    March 15, 2022

  • Term

    Spring 2022

  • Teacher


  • Course Syllabus

    See Syllabus
EDUC 2233: Educational Psychology is offered online by Southeastern University. This course is a study of student diversity, the principles and philosophy of human growth and development, motivation and learning theory, and how these are applied to teaching. Included are introductions to intelligence theories, cultural issues, instructional approaches, learning taxonomies, motivation, and different assessment tools.

Required Text

1. Snowman, J., McCown, R. & Biehler, R. (2014). Psychology applied to teaching (14th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. 9781285734552 Choice: 1. Michael L. Brown (2011). A queer thing happened to America 9780615406091 2. By Leonard Sax (2005) Why gender matters: What parents and teachers need to know about the emerging science of sex differences. 9780451497772 3. Michael Gurian (2001). Boys and girls learn differently! A guide for teachers and parents. 9780470608258 4. Richard Whitmire (2010). Why Boys Fail:Saving Our Sons from an Educational System That's Leaving Them Behind. 9780814420171 5. Abigail Norfleet James (2009). Teaching the female brain: How girls learn math and science 9781412967105 6. Abigail Norfleet James (2007). Teaching the male brain: How boys think, feel, and learn in school. 9781412936620 7. Leonard Sax (2007). Boys adrift: The five factors driving the growing epidemic of unmotivated boys and underachieving young men. 9780465072101 8. By Leonard Sax (2010). Girls on the edge. The four factors driving the new crisis for girls. 9780465022069 9. Dan Kindlon & Michael Thompson (2000). Raising Cain: Protecting the emotional life of boys. 9780345434852 10. Rachel Simmons (2002). Odd girl out. The hidden culture of aggression in girls. 9780156027342 11. Clarence Shuler (2003). Winning the race to unity: Is racial reconciliation really working? 9780802481597 12. Orlando Crespo (2003). Being Latino in Christ. 9780830823741 13. Ruby Payne (2018). A framework for understanding poverty. 9781948244183 AND Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu (2006). An African centered response to Ruby Payne’s poverty theory. 9781934155004

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