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PMIN 4143: Pastoral Care Of Families

Southeastern University
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  • Class Start

    March 09, 2022

  • Class End

    May 03, 2022

  • Drop Day

    March 15, 2022

  • Term

    Spring 2022

  • Teacher


  • Course Syllabus

    See Syllabus

About this course

PMIN 4143: Pastoral Care Of Families is offered online by Southeastern University. This course emphasizes pastoral care ministry to families in various life situations. Special emphasis will be placed on the many psychological needs of children and youth along with practical ways of ministering to them through pastoral counseling and spiritual guidance. This course will also focus on the unique issues concerning ministry to special needs children and youth. This course requires careful study of and reflection upon the appropriate biblical texts.

Required Text

1. Grossoehme, D. H. (1999). The pastoral care of children. New York: Haworth Pastoral Press. 9780789006059 2. Group Publishing. (2009). Group's emergency response handbook for parents. Loveland, Colo: Group Pub. 9780764438240 3. Murphy, M., & Widstrom, B. (2012). 99 thoughts on caring for your youth group: From coffee shop counseling to crisis care. Loveland, Colo.: Simply Youth Ministry. 9780764476112 ( 4. What about the kids?: Understanding their needs in funeral planning & services. (1999). Portland, OR: Dougy Center. 9781890534042

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asked questions

  • When is my course scheduled?

    PMIN 4143: Pastoral Care Of Families is scheduled to start on Mar 09, 2022 and ends May 03, 2022

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    The deadline to enroll for PMIN 4143: Pastoral Care Of Families is Feb 23, 2022 You must be enrolled before that date.